Multi Generational Wealth

Multi Generational Wealth

You have built substantial family assets. Let's preserve your legacy and lfestyle.

We have worked with a number of substantial famlies to guide and preserve the family wealth over 2,3 and 4 generations of family members.

Some members have portfolios worth millions of dollars, some hundreds of thousands and the youngest generations possibly only getting started. They are ALL treated as one family at Moondance Investment Advisors.

We have never understood how some wealth advisors will gladly work with the multi millionaires in the family but choose not to advise the grandchildren in the family.

In our opinion, very shortsighted indeed.

Advisory services

  • Portfolio Managment and reporting
  • Retirement income analysis
  • Charitable foundations and gift planning 
  • Trust services
  • Asset protection strategies


Mainline Philadelphia adage: " Nover spend your principal"